The Development of Awareness for Personal Transformation

The most relevant and transformational meditation practices and teachings that I have experienced over the course of 40 years I am happy to share. The progression of personal development throughout this course I refer to as the “Sequences”. Information is given for each stage of development and for each meditation. What is most important is to do the step by step processes and meditations.  This course is a journey, a journey of discovery. For those who have been on a spiritual path for some time, it may be the discovery of your Higher Self.  For some it will be the discovery of your own essence or soul. At the very least, if you do the first process for 3-5 minutes daily, you will know peace.

Chapter One         Beginning a Meditation Practice.

Chapter Two        Essence versus Personality

Chapter Three      Moving to the Next Level

Chapter Four        Filling in the Missing Frequencies

Chapter Five         Paradigm Shift

Chapter Six            Beyond Enlightenment

Chapter Seven      Requirements for a Life of Higher Purpose

Chapter Eight       Meditation Pathways

Chapter Nine        Light Body Flow


                                                                                                           $29 US YTT student price

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